Business Process Monitoring

Sap shore caters Business Process Monitoring services (BPM) through standard SAP Solution Manager, the unique application management solutions of SAP that enables the business and IT environment align implementation, operations and support activities centrally. Our pools of experienced and potential BPM consultants are expert at facilitating the business organizations and subsequently enhancing processes and systems.

Our expertise of Solution Manager Deployment offers tailor made solutions for your business objectives such as :
  • Enhancing the efficiency of implementing and changing management projects
  • Consolidated management of multi projects
  • Reducing time consumption and ownership costs
  • Controlling the entire solution landscape
  • Solution Manager helps the organizations to monitor business processes in real time
  • Helps to manage, monitor and operate all the SAP solutions
  • Optimizing the testing process
  • Managing custom codes
BPM benefits to organizations :
  • Monitor entire SAP landscape and business process in a single glance
  • Reduction of barriers forbidding the users working with IT systems
  • Curbs the costs for deploying third party tools
  • Minimizes the pressure on IT department
  • Enhancing the productivity of IT department
  • Easy to integrate with 3rd party ticketing tolls such as BMC Remedy/OTRS

Sap shore’s BPM services offer quality support right from the business blueprint to the production level. Our consultants facilitate you with unique and innovative methods, tools and content which subsequently allow you to evaluate and implement even at the stage of processing operations for your systems. BPM also enables the companies to monitor functioning of business, interfaces, data content and monitoring values like errors in the report, number of major orders etc.

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